Linda-BerkoLinda Berko is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Palm Beach, Florida. With over 20 years experience I continue to deepen my compassion and regard for your journey. I incorporate a blend of styles and skills uniquely tailored to each individual client. My treatment approach is grounded in attachment and trauma, with a biophysiological perspective. My goal is to help you extinguish old patterns and automatic reactions so that therapy does not have to be a life long process.

I provide individual and couples-focused therapeutic services in Palm Beach for individual adults and couples from all backgrounds and with uniquely different therapeutic needs. I provide treatment and support for many issues including:



Experiencing difficulties in your life?    Struggling with depression, anxiety, grief?    Feeling hopeless, helpless or alone?

First Step

You can start the process by contacting me to schedule a complementary telephone consultation. Together, we can explore strategies to change your life, overcome the obstacles, so you can meet your challenges with greater clarity, resilience, confidence and joy.